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AAATTV  gives ALL artist an uncensored platform to promote/express themselves, share their talents, skills and experiences, while providing a variety of services that will help aid with their artistic career(s).

Live Concert
Events/ Performances
Social Media

AAATTV hosts events and projects throughout the year spotlighting artist and community. We will also be presenting SEATOWN CYPHERS!

A viewers choice contest to see who wins the crown by the most views, and votes! 


If you would like to collaborate or volunteer send us an email under our contact list. 

AAATTV provides a variety of services that will help aid with the artist career(s). The services we provide are:

1. Photography

2. Film (music videos, interviews, short films...)


3. Graphic Designs/ Logos

4. T-shirts (heat press applications)


5. Web Design


6. Podcast


7. Photo/ Video Editing

We provide Social Media Promotion, by sharing projects, and interviews on ALL of our social media outlets such as: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and our site

We continuously share talents and projects that are posted not only on our social media outlets, but stay frequented on the artist newest posts on their personal pages. 


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