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  1. Photography:

    • High-quality photos to capture memorable moments in an artist's career.

    • Professional photoshoots for promotional materials, album covers, and social media.

    • On-location and studio photography services available.

  2. Film (music videos, interviews, short films):

    • Creative and visually captivating music video production.

    • Engaging artist interviews that showcase personality and story.

    • Short film production for artistic expression and storytelling.

  3. Graphic Designs/Logos:

    • Custom-designed logos that reflect the artist's brand and identity.

    • Eye-catching graphic designs for promotional materials, social media, and merchandise.

    • Collaborative design process to ensure client satisfaction.

  4. T-shirts (heat press applications):

    • Custom T-shirt designs with heat press applications for a unique and personal touch.

    • Merchandise creation to boost brand visibility and fan engagement.

    • Quality materials and attention to detail for a professional look.

  5. Web Design:

    • Responsive and visually appealing websites to showcase the artist's portfolio.

    • E-commerce integration for online merchandise sales.

    • User-friendly interfaces that enhance the online presence of the artist.

  6. Podcast:

    • Hosting and production of artist-focused podcasts to connect with fans.

    • In-depth discussions, interviews, and behind-the-scenes content.

    • Podcast promotion to reach a wider audience.

  7. Photo/Video Editing:

    • Professional editing services to enhance the visual appeal of photos and videos.

    • Attention to detail in color correction, cropping, and special effects.

    • Quick turnaround times to meet tight deadlines.

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