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Special Event 

At AAATTV, we take pride in curating and hosting a variety of special events and performances throughout the year. Our aim is to spotlight talented artists and foster a sense of community engagement. Here's a glimpse into what you can expect from our special events:

  1. Diverse Events and Projects:

    • Throughout the year, we organize a range of events and projects, showcasing the diversity and creativity of artists within our community.

    • From live performances and art exhibitions to collaborative projects, we create opportunities for artists to shine.


    • Prepare for the ultimate showcase of talent with SEATOWN CYPHERS! This is a viewer's choice contest where artists compete for the crown based on views and votes.

    • An exciting platform for artists to demonstrate their skills, connect with the audience, and gain recognition.

  3. Viewer Engagement:

    • SEATOWN CYPHERS encourages viewer participation, allowing the audience to have a direct impact on the outcome.

    • Artists can leverage their fan base to garner views and votes, creating a dynamic and interactive competition.

  4. Collaboration and Volunteer Opportunities:

    • We believe in the power of collaboration. If you're an artist or enthusiast looking to collaborate with us on events or projects, we welcome your ideas and energy.

    • Volunteering opportunities are available for those who want to contribute to the success of our events. Join us in creating memorable experiences for the community.

  5. Contact Us for Collaboration:

    • Interested in collaborating or volunteering? Send us an email using the contact details provided in our contact list.

    • We value partnerships and contributions from the community that enhance the overall impact of our events.


At AAATTV, we're not just hosting events; we're creating memorable experiences that celebrate the arts and bring people together. Join us in the celebration by participating, collaborating, or volunteering—let's make each event a highlight in the artistic calendar. Stay tuned for upcoming performances that promise to inspire and captivate!

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